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In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, de_nuke received several changes from its previous iterations that greatly limit the options in available playstyles. The removal of the outside backhall limits the attacking options of the T's as well as limits the rotating options for CT's. In addition, CT's have even less incentive than ever to focus their attention on outside as the option for T's to sneak through the backhall and wreak havoc is completely eliminated.

Nuke was one of my least favorite tournament maps in both 1.6 and CSS to compete on due to the limited options available to the T side. One of my main goals in creating de_nuke_ve was to make the range of effective strategies more diverse than has ever been possible on any version of de_nuke. I also attempted to remove props that didn't positively contribute to gameplay while also maintaining the high aesthetic quality of the original map.



New Features

  • Added a new hallway outside that connects to the lower "B" bombsite
  • Added backside vent entrance in the "B" bombsite
  • Added a "barrel room" to the lower bombsite without access to the backhall

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed glitch while going up roof vent that allowed players to see through the blue bars
  • Fixed glitch on yellow where player would get stuck while walking forward on the grey piping
  • Fixed glitch on yellow where a player could get stuck in between the grey piping
  • Fixed glitch that allowed a player to stand on an invisible platform next to the outside window room
  • Fixed glitch that allowed players to be boosted above the entrance to the old outside hallway
  • Fixed glitch that allowed players to get on top of the CT warehouse outside
  • Player can now properly jump on the two extruding vents outside of locker window room
  • Added platform underneath the three boilers in T lobby to eliminate the ability of CT's to look underneath
  • Changed the windows in locker room to be translucent rather than reflective
  • Changed the windows in the lower window room to be translucent rather than reflective
  • Increased height of locker room windows to allow player to jump through
  • Increased size of the hut window to allow players to jump through
  • Increased size of the windows in the lower bomb-site to allow players to jump through more easily
  • Increased height of bombsite vents to allow players to run through them
  • Increased height of vents on T roof to allow players to run through it
  • Player models no longer clip through the ceiling of vents
  • Added missing light sources underneath the grates in "B" bombsite

Modified Features

A bombsite

  • Reduced the amount of props in the bombsite
  • Moved the biohazard tanks slightly closer to the back wall in the bombsite to allow CT's to rotate up tower with additional cover and T's to rush out of the hut with additional cover
  • Moved pallets in the "A" bombsite to the corner underneath the tower allowing a player to drop down from the rafters and also being less obtrusive to navigation in the bombsite
  • Squeaky door will now close after 4 seconds instead of remaining open indefinitely
  • Moved box from where the CS:S forklift was further to the right as an area for additional cover for T's attacking upper bombsite

B bombsite

  • Reduced the amount of props in the bombsite
  • Added a base to elevate the biohazard tank in lower bombsite that prevents an abusive peek players can perform while on the railing by the vents
  • Made the lower bombsite and backhalls brighter


  • Moved tall box in ramp room further away from the railing making it easier to run along the railing
  • Moved the cluster of boxes above ramp room to allow CT's to peek into radio room while on the boxes. The movement of these boxes also creates a slightly narrower corridor to allow the ramp room to be a more defensible position
  • Increased the opening from radio room into the pre-ramp room
  • Eliminated numerous small cracks between boxes that created an unfair advantage for the player peeking through
  • Widened the gap between the group of boxes at the T entrance to the outside yard and the yellow rock
  • Replaced a small set of boxes with a big box on T side of outside. This box blocks CT's from easily looking through a gap towards T spawn

Eliminated Elements

  • Removed all barrels from "A" bombsite
  • Removed forklift from "A" bombsite
  • Removed an obtrusive light fixture inside of the squeaky door room
  • Removed hand truck from squeaky door room
  • Removed sandbags from T lobby
  • Removed control room phones from lower "B" bombsite window room
  • Removed barrels from "B" bombsite
  • Removed equipment props between the radio & ramp rooms
  • Removed yellow pylons from T-spawn
  • Removed pushcart with boxes from "B" bombsite
  • Removed "breakable box" from outside
  • Removed small box adjacent to T red outside
  • Removed orange cone adjacent to T red
  • Removed a bench from locker window room
  • Removed fire extinguishers and the player clippings associated with them