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The E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) launched an initiative to create new competitive Counter-Strike maps guided by the input of professional players in the scene. Given my role as a professional player, I was invited to collaborate on the project.

My involvement with de_lite included a number of tasks throughout the design and testing phase, such as:

  • Playtesting each iteration of the map with the purpose of providing feedback to the level designer
  • Analyzed and critiqued map aestethics, sight lines, flow and competitive balance
  • Simulated competitive matches with other professional players to determine the viability of the map in competition

Much of my feedback and playtesting helped to shape the final product of a successful competitive map. Working on de_lite inspired me to pursue level design further due to the amount of enjoyment I derived while working on this project. Shortly after working on de_lite, I began designing a new competitive map (de_cache) for Counter-Strike: Source.